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“I know that the government should be providing everything that the Colleges and their Officer Cadets require to keep that heritage alive. But we all know that money is tight and hard choices need to be made. This makes it especially important that ex-cadets contribute now. I have heard some of my classmates say that if the government won’t provide what’s needed, why should they? On one level, I understand this argument. But on other levels, I recognize that CMR and RMC are too important to be left to the whims of government. The Colleges and the Canadian Forces, Canada’s national interests and security these are our heritage. If we ex-cadets won’t protect it, who will?”

5105 J.L. Granatstein

Heritage Lane Project

The Heritage Lane Project aims to revamp the northern part of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean in order to give a better visibility to the college and valorize the site’s military heritage. This project will consist in the construction of a pedestrian walkway bordered with Commemorative Stones and of two squares nearby the newly relocated Fort Saint-Jean Museum. For ordering information, please click here to view our catalogue.¬†Click here for a printable¬†Donation Form. Donate Now to purchase one of the items in the catalogue.


The various components of the RMC Band, including the Pipes, Drums & Dancers, the Brass & Reed Band and the Choir, are an integral part of College heritage, a source of pride for all cadets, parents, College staff and alumni as well as a key contributor to esprit de corps within the Cadet Wing.

Your gifts will:

  • help Band members to develop their talents through participation in musical clinics;
  • support the annual band exchange with the United States Naval Academy; and,
  • assist the Band in acquiring and maintaining band uniforms and equipment.

Memorial Arch Maintenance & The No. 1 Fund

While the maintenance of all areas of the College grounds is the responsibility of the DND, we know that for those who attended RMC in Kingston the Memorial Arch will always hold a special place in their hearts and we share their concern that this very special piece of College architecture receives careful and focused attention.

In recognition of this cause in 2009 the Foundation established The No. 1 Fund, based initially on a most generous bequest from the estate of Elizabeth Wurtele, granddaughter of No. 47 Colonel Ernest Wurtele. The Fund is dedicated to the memory of No. 1 Capt. A. G. G. Wurtele, No. 47 Colonel Ernest Wurtele and all of the members of the Wurtele family that attended the Royal Military Colleges. The Fund will be used exclusively for the maintenance of the Memorial Arch and the surrounding area. While the initial funding for the endowment was based on the Elizabeth Wurtele bequest, it may be augmented with any donation provided by an individual donor, Branch or Class.

Your gifts will ensure that the Memorial Arch and surrounding area are always a source of pride to all.

RMCC Museum

The RMCC Museum is located in Fort Frederick on the campus of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario. The Museum, in its present form, was created in 1962 and tasked to collect, conserve, research and display material relating to the history of the College, its former cadets and its site.

Apart from the Museum collections proper, the College holds extensive collections of archival documents and photographs along with numerous works of fine art. All of these objects require care. For the most part, these collections are classified as Non-Public Property and thus cannot be maintained at Public expense. The total need for the upkeep of all of the College’s treasures far exceeds the available resources of the museum and it has been the Kingston Branch that has stepped up to the plate with help.

Your gifts will be used directly to preserve College artifacts and sustain the operation of the Museum.

Military Heritage at Royal Roads

The Royal Roads University Foundation (RRUF) has established a specific Military Heritage Fund to “support the preservation and enhancement of the military heritage to Royal Roads so that these historically culturally significant treasurers of our national heritage can be enjoyed and celebrated by ours and future generations”. A number of our donors have enquired as to whether they could contribute to the fund by way of the RMC Foundation. Given the similarity in the re-stated objects of the RMC Foundation and the terms of reference of the RRUF Military Heritage Fund we have concluded that this would be appropriate. Donors who wish to contribute funds to the RRUF Military Heritage Fund may therefore do so by donating funds to the RMC Foundation with the direction that these funds are designated for the RRUF Military Heritage Fund.

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Robbie Burns night at RMC Saint-Jean

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RMCC Museum

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