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Future Reunion Weekend Dates

2018:  14-16 September

2019:  13-15 September

2020:  18-20 September

2021:  17-19 September

2022:  16-18 September

New Administrative Charges for Restricted Accounts

Effective 01 January, 2017, all restricted donations to the RMC Foundation will be subject to a one percent administration fee.

With the exception of donations made to an Endowment or an Accumulating Restricted Fund where an annual administration fee is already included in the Endowment or Restricted Fund agreement, all donations made to a Restricted Fund will be subject to an annual administration fee of one percent.  This fee is calculated annually based on the balance in the Restricted Fund on the 1st of January. The administration fee covers the costs involved in processing donations and managing the benefaction of funds to the Colleges. Unrestricted donations made to the TDV Fund are not subject to an administration fee.

Did You Know?

Since its inception over 50 years ago the Foundation has raised approximately $23 million in support for the Colleges from over 7,600 donors; over half of that amount has been raised in the past 10 years.

  • Foundation revenues currently average over $2 million per year.
  • The Foundation has $15 million in financial assets of which approximately $13 million is held in an investment portfolio and $1.6 million represents research grants held in trust for RMCC.
  • Over the past 10 years the Foundation has provided approximately $6 million in direct financial and other support to the Colleges such as the Class of 1974 Gauthier Collection and the 7076 John van Haastrecht Art Collection.
  • During 2016 the Foundation processed over 3,300 individual donations from over 1,000 donors, ranging in amounts from $2 to $650 thousand and totalling over $1.6 million.