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New Administrative Charges for Restricted Accounts

Effective 01 January, 2017, all restricted donations to the RMC Foundation will be subject to a one percent administration fee.

With the exception of donations made to an Endowment or an Accumulating Restricted Fund where an annual administration fee is already included in the Endowment or Restricted Fund agreement, all donations made to a Restricted Fund will be subject to an annual administration fee of one percent.  This fee is calculated annually based on the balance in the Restricted Fund on the 1st of January. The administration fee covers the costs involved in processing donations and managing the benefaction of funds to the Colleges. Unrestricted donations made to the TDV Fund are not subject to an administration fee.

 Birchall Leadership Awards Dinner Save the Date  28 October 2017

Internationally-recognized astronaut Chris Hadfield, one of Canada’s modern heroes, will be honoured in Hamilton this fall with the prestigious Birchall Leadership Award, created in honour of a Canadian World War Two hero. The award will be presented at a gala at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on October 28th, 2017. Colonel Hadfield, through his work in space and here on earth, exemplifies Birchall’s qualities including the ability to lead in the face of difficulty or adversity to promote the welfare and safety of those under his command. More information can be found here.

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