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To engage alumni, and Canadians alike, in donorship and sponsorship activities above and beyond the mandate of the Canadian Forces to preserve and enhance the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges as we grow and develop Canada’s future leaders.

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Impact Stories

RMC Kilimanjaro Team Reaches the Summit

Before returning down, the team took a team photo branding the RMC flag belonging to the Class of 1969, whom members of this incredible expedition are indebted to for their incredible support. Moreover, the team would like to also extend their gratitude to other Classes, ex-cadets, parents, family, friends, and peers who graciously donated and kept us in their thoughts because they believed in us.

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Anonymous Donor from the Class of 1955 Provides Scholarship Opportunity to Canada’s Future Leaders

For the past 39 years, this donor from the Class of 1955 has provided more than $225,000 in support of projects benefiting the leadership and character development of our future leaders of Canada. More importantly over $212,000 of which went into his Endowment to support Mechanical Engineer and Aerospace Post Graduates.

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RMC Saint-Jean annual Bilingualism Battle

This competition not only gave officer cadets the chance to blow off some steam, but to reinforce the bilingualism pillar.

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The Civil Engineering Department Needs Your Help!

This trip is typically funded in partnership between the Civil Engineering Department and the organization or base that hosts the field school. Due to the increased costs associated with international travel, student sponsorship is required to offset the department’s financial burden and enable the field school to take place in Peru. Twenty students are enrolled in the course, so sponsorship of any portion of the estimated $2,000.00 per student cost would be incredibly helpful.

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