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82nd Annual West Point Hockey Game

RMC hosted the 82nd Annual RMC vs West Point hockey game, as part of the I-81 Exchange with USMA, at the K-Rock Centre on 20 January 2018.  This hockey game is one of the longest standing games played against RMC.  The return of the hockey game to Kingston has been important for the College, our ex-cadets and the community at large.  Our goal is to connect members of the Kingston and surrounding communities with a chance to meet the Officer Cadets.

Due to the popularity of this event throughout the Cadet Wing the Constantine Arena is not large enough to host the over 1000 Cadets that come to watch the game. With your support the RMC Foundation has provided over $9,000 in funding that was needed to cover the cost of the facility rental at the K Rock Centre for this year.

This is a wonderful opportunity for former RMC Hockey Alumni and other Ex-Cadets to support this first class sporting event. Contact us today to learn more on how you can help.

All of the purchases made with the help of the RMC Foundation have ensured that the hockey program stays as a leader in athlete support and will greatly help with future recruiting.  The donations have also shown the players the necessity of alumni involvement in the program as well as the large support network that is behind them who want to see them succeed. – 24974 Adam Lim, RMC Varsity Hockey, Head Coach

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