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About The Foundation

What is the RMC Foundation?

Mission Statement

The mission of the RMC Foundation is to secure and deliver the funds necessary to Enhance Excellence in the attraction, education and training of the students of the Royal Military Colleges. In Enhancing Excellence it will be our goal to ensure that no opportunity is missed, through lack of funding, to broaden the academic, athletic, leadership and bilingual prowess of the students of the Royal Military Colleges as they prepare to become the future leaders of Canada.

Enhancing Excellence

The stated mission of the Royal Military College of Canada is to produce officers with the mental, ethical, physical and linguistic capabilities required to lead with distinction in the Canadian Forces. The core curriculum and training programs of the Colleges, funded through Government budgets, achieve this mission and, in doing so, the staff and faculty of the Colleges are achieving excellence each and every day.

Regardless of how good a College graduate is however, there must still have been room for improvement outside of any fixed, proscribed curriculum or training program. Graduates will benefit from other experiences when they leave the College; they will continue to grow in maturity, confidence and wisdom throughout their careers.

Our objective therefore is:

  • to provide them as many learning and growth opportunities as possible before they arrive at their first posting;
  • to expand, to the extent possible, the character base upon which they will build as they prepare to lead in all aspects of their career, both military and civilian.

We all believe that the graduates of RMC should be the best they can possibly be! We seek to fund Opportunities to Enhance Excellence that are outside of the College curriculum and training programs and hence may not be funded through Government budgets.

As they are outside of the Government funded core curriculum and training programs of the Colleges, these Opportunities to Enhance Excellence can only be provided through private philanthropic financial support.

Role of the Foundation

In the conduct of its activities the Foundation performs a number of distinct roles:

The Foundation is a charity, serving the desires of the alumni and others, both collectively and as individuals, to provide philanthropic financial assistance to the Colleges;

The Foundation acts as a pro-active fundraiser, encouraging the provision of such assistance;

The Foundation acts as a trustee and has a fiduciary responsibility to its donors:

  • to ensure that donated funds are applied in accordance with donor directions;
  • to use its best judgment for the efficient allocation of limited discretionary funds to support the needs of the Royal Military Colleges; and
  • to ensure that entrusted funds are invested prudently and effectively.