Class Giving Wall of Honour 1963

Classes play a major role in our fundraising efforts for the Colleges.  Typically classes start fundraising at their 20-year reunion for their Old Brigade entry gift.  This allows classes 25 years to accumulate a large amount of funds, to present to the Commandant at Reunion Weekend, and plenty of time to decide as a class what gift they would like to give.

Previous gifts such as leopard tanks, Sabres, and the physical “bricks and mortar” projects had been accepted by the Colleges, unfortunately, this is no longer the case.  Instead, classes are shifting their focus to creating endowments for projects which help educate and train our future leaders.  Want to know where your class ranks for cumulative Class Giving click here (Désolé, ce lien est seulement disponible en anglais).

Class of ’61 – Heritage (Preservation)

The Class has established a non-endowed Class Fund to support Heritage Preservation at the Colleges. They have recently completed a full repainting of Currie Hall.

Class of ’62 – Heritage & Recreational Club Activities

The Class has established an Endowment to provide funds to purchase Club ties & scarves annually for the graduating Class of RMC. They have recently added a secondary clause to their Endowment to include support to the RMC Recreational Clubs.

Class of ’64 – Leadership (Sandhurst) & Heritage (Band)

The Class has established an Endowment where the primary purposes are to support the Colleges’ Sandhurst Military Competition teams and the Colleges’ Bands.

Class of ’65 – Academics (Professorship & Teaching Excellence)

The Class has established an Endowment that funds a professorship in leadership and a teaching excellence award. Class member Jim Carruthers has established an endowment currently supporting RETP cadets. Class member John Bart has established two endowments for leadership associated with the Obstacle Course. Honourary Class member John Cowan has established an Endowment to provide for an award for Research Excellence.

Class Giving | 1966

Class of ’66 – Academics (Travel for Learning)

The Class has established a Class Endowment which the primary purpose is to support Officer Cadet Educational Travel with a secondary purpose of maintaining a Gazebo on RMC grounds that was donated by the Class. Class member John van Haastrecht had also created a $1 million fund to assist with a new Learning Centre at the College and contributed an art collection valued at over $500 thousand that is now on display at RMC.

Class of ’67 – Vimy Tree Project

The Class entered the Old Brigade in 2012 and recently decided to support the Vimy Tree Project on RMC College Grounds with support from the Class of 1973.

Class of ’70 – Athletics Wall of Distinction

The Class decided for their OB entry gift to provide the College with an annual awards banquet and wall of athletic leaders to showcase to the current Cadets at RMC.

Class of ’71 – Athletics (Danny McLeod Athletic Fund)

The Classes primary efforts have been in support of the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment which funds athletic travel outside of the Ontario/Quebec competition area as well as specialized athletic and fitness training equipment. In addition to gifts from Class members the Class has also been active in promoting the Chasse Galerie canoe trip every five years as a fundraiser for the Endowment – the last of which was held in 2016.

Class of 1976 – Support for New Museum and other Charitable Works

The Class has decided upon two purposes to support the New Museum project as well as a smaller portion of funding for charitable initiatives that would be Cadet led.

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