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Through Special Tournaments, Unique Training Opportunities and Specialized Training Equipment

The sports and fitness programs at the Colleges help cadets to develop a lifetime philosophy of physical and mental fitness, and competitive spirit.

“There is no doubt in my mind that physical ability is of the utmost importance in battle conditions. The whole range of physical education – from training and recreation to intramural and varsity sports – is absolutely critical to develop leadership ability. The role Ex-cadets play in supporting athletics & attending games and/or financially stepping up to the plate as regular donors & is paramount. I deeply appreciate that so many Ex-cadets & from all decades, including former staff members, family and friends & support the Athletic Endowment Fund” H25917 Major (Ret’d) Danny McLeod MC, CD

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How You Can Help

La Chasse-Galerie 2016 Rideau Canoe Trip

A long time ago a group of voyageurs made a deal with the devil to fly them in a canoe from their backwoods camp to their homes and loved ones on the Saint Lawrence. In September 2016 a crew of fifteen will relive the chasse-galerie legend by paddling a 36 canoe along the Rideau from Ottawa to Kingston. The journey of 202 km takes 7 days and 100,000 paddle strokes. The crew plans to arrive at RMC just in time for the Legacy Dinner and the Reunion Weekend. The 2016 objective of La Chasse-Galerie is to add $150,000 to the Danny McLeod Athletics Fund.

The crew consists of 2 cadets plus 4 lady and 9 gentlemen ex-cadets from all three colleges. Former RMC Commandant and CDS Tom Lawson will continue John de Chastelain’s tradition of playing the pipes amidships.

This is the fifth and final chasse-galerie expedition. Previous trips in 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2011 raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for sports. Most of this money went to the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment, which funds the purchase of specialized sports gear as well as athletic travel outside Ontario. The endowed fund capital currently exceeds $200,000.  Since the last canoe trip in 2011, $67,000 in interest has been disbursed by the fund. This is greater than the amount actually raised in that trip and illustrates the enduring value of the RMC Foundation’s endowments. More info on this trip can be found below.

2016/17 Varsity Team Travel

We strive to provide each of these teams with the opportunity to travel outside of the Ontario University Athletics area for special tournaments and specialized, unique training opportunities. While they travel they act as the best ambassadors available to the College – encouraging the attraction of the best candidates available.

During the past year your help has allowed us to fund the following trips and equipment:

Your Donations At Work

Coupe de Montréal Judo Competition and Clinic

RMCC Expedition Club 2015/2016

Multisport Club

La Chasse-Galerie 2016

Varsity Rugby Athletes Attend National Military Ceremony

Tae Kwon Do

RMC Saint-Jean Broomball

AcuSpike Volleyball Spike Trainer

Rugby Victoria Trip

Astronomy Club 2016

RMCC Varsity Hockey

RMCC Sailing Team