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Through Leadership/Military Training & Competitions

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With your help we can broaden and complete the leadership skills and fighting spirit of the graduates of our Royal Military Colleges through Participation in Challenging Leadership & Military Skills Competitions.

Sandhurst Competition

The aim of the annual Sandhurst Competition is To provide a challenging and rewarding Regimental Skills Competition, which will enhance professional development and military excellence in selected soldier skills. With the assistance of donors, the Royal Military College of Canada annually enters a team into this international event and has achieved impressive results & demonstrating that the graduates of Canada’s Royal Military Colleges truly are among the best in the world.

Your gift will help to ensure that the 2016 team is fully prepared to represent the Colleges, the Canadian Forces and Canada in this international competition.

Nijmegen March

The Nijmegen March is the largest event of its kind in the world, involving a four day march at 50 kms per day in full military gear. With the assistance of donors a team from RMC participates annually in the event, a challenge that requires the highest standards of fitness while developing leadership and teamwork skills.

Your gift will help to ensure that the 2016 team is fully prepared to represent the Colleges in this challenging and prestigious event.

International Exchange Program

The future leaders of the Canadian Forces will interact on a regular basis during their careers with their counterparts from other military academies including the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Ecole De L’Armee De L’Air in France. These close connections can be of critical assistance when our forces collaborate in joint military efforts. With the assistance of donors, each year the Colleges send selected Officer Cadets to experience one-year exchanges at these institutions.

Your gift will help to support Cadets from the Colleges during these exchange visits.

Your Donations At Work

USAFA National Character and Leadership Symposium 2016

RMC Saint-Jean Conference on Defence and Security 2016

Naval Mess Dinner 2016

Nijmegen 2015

John Bart Leadership Award

RMCC Sandhurst Team – Winners of Annual Sandhurst Competition 2016

USNA Leadership Conference

RMC Saint-Jean Voyage of Discovery in Africa 2016

Cadet Internships

RMC Saint-Jean International Women’s Day 2016

RMC Saint-Jean Sandhurst Team