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Truth Duty Valour Campaign

Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign


The funds raised by the RMC Foundation Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign are used to provide unique local, national, and international developmental opportunities for the Naval and Officer Cadets of Canada’s Royal Military Colleges.

This year alone, over $120,000 was committed from the support the TDV Campaign to support activities that will be used to enhance student excellence. These funds were used to support Naval and Officer Cadet participation at several exceptional events and activities such as the Nijmegen march, Birchall Leadership Dinner, and various recreation club activities. These are just a few examples of the countless developmental opportunities that are made possible through the funds raised by the TDV Campaign.

I fully support the TDV Campaign as Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada. Furthermore, I encourage all of those who wish to support the development of our future leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces to support this campaign as well.

–          18777 Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard, Commandant Royal Military College of Canada

The RMC Foundation, through its initiatives and support, is already improving student life and is thus directly committed to developing the full potential of our officer cadets. The Foundation supports Canadian Military Colleges in their mission to educate, develop and prepare bilingual, physically fit officer and naval cadets (OCdts/NCdts) who will flourish as leaders and succeed as junior officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Through its generous financial contributions, the Foundation significantly supports major projects carried out by RMC Saint-Jean such as the Paris-London cultural trip. This pedagogical tour focused on history, culture and bilingualism rewards excellence among our OCdts/NCdts. Many other Foundation initiatives such as social and cultural activities or equipment purchase also enhance RMC Saint-Jean’s programs and thus contribute to maintaining the pride of our OCdts/NCdts in serving the CAF and Canada.

At RMC Saint-Jean, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the donors for their generosity. To the Foundation’s leaders and members, we sincerely thank you for your commitment and leadership. You make a difference! Thank you!

Truth, Duty, Valour

– Colonel F.G. Carpentier,  The Commandant RMC Saint-Jean,

For more information on the  TDV Fundraising Campaign or to donate to the RMC Foundation to support the Colleges and Cadets please contact Jennifer Jordan at , via phone at 613-541-6000 ext 6807 or simply click here to donate now.