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RMC Reunion Weekends
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Reunion Weekend 2019 – First Year Obstacle Course

13 General Crerar Crescent
Kingston, Ontario K7P 1N3 Canada
  • By Tina
  • 29 May 2019
  • 13:00 To 16:00
Friday, September 13, 2019
13:15 — 16:00

The RMC obstacle course is the culmination of the First Year Orientation Program (FYOP) and the official entry of the First Year Class into the Cadet Wing.  The obstacle course consists of twelve obstacles representing each of the College’s twelve squadrons.  Each team is called a “flight”, and the skills and comradery acquired over the intense month of training are put to the test.  Cadets compete on behalf of their squadron for points towards the Commandant’s Cup: a yearlong competition for prestige and pride at the College. The flight’s time and performance on each obstacle are ranked and overall standings are determined for the entire course.  The final standings also incorporate the ability of each flight to work as a team and a cohesive unit as they must push through together as a single entity.  The winning team of the obstacle course will be the flight with the most points and is praised in front of the entire Cadet Wing and given recognition amongst the First Year Class.

For information on the Obstacle Course, visit https://www.rmc-cmr.ca/en/college-commandants-office/obstacle-course

Reunion Weekend 2019 Schedule of Events

Friday 13 September 2019

  • First Year Obstacle Course 1315-1600
  • First Year Coin Presentation 1500-1630

Saturday 14 September 2019

  • Badging Parade 1000-1200
  • Red and White Sports Challenge 1300-1800
  • Wall of Honour Ceremony 1330-1500

Sunday 15 September 2019

  • Memorial Arch Parade 1030-1130
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