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HSU German Lessons

In 2014 RMC agreed to an exchange with the Helmut-Schmidt-University of the German Bundeswehr reciprocal with up to three Cadets from RMC during the fall term. After the initial exchange in 2014 it was decided that German lessons would be a major benefit to RMC Cadets. USMA, USAFA, and USNA all arrange for German lessons for the Cadets they send on exchange to HSU.

Thanks to your continued support Cadets on exchange will acquire a robust knowledge of an additional language with one of the most important NATO partners in the CAF.

With this language training Cadets will be able to build on this base for the subsequent three months of their exchange and come out with a conversational knowledge of German. In addition, this language training will enhance cadets’ ability to function tactically when cooperating internationally with troops from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will give them greater facility to interact with German delegations by virtue of acquiring not only linguistic but also knowledge of the cultural terrain of German-speaking countries.

In the HUS German Lessons page:  With your help we can continue to fund this worthwhile experience for Cadets at a cost of only $2500 per year. Contact Jennifer Jordan for more information on how you can help Enhance Excellence for this worthwhile trip each year.

This course provided us all the basics of the German language, which helped us to interact with our hosts. The German classes we took were a really great experience and I would like to give my warmest thanks to the RMC Foundation who funded the Tandem classes. Our experience in Germany would not have been the same without your financial support. The opportunity to attend those classes was of great help to us, because it made it easier for us to live on a daily basis in a foreign country where we were new to everything. Even going to get groceries was a challenge at first. The skills that we developed while being students at the Tandem school in Hamburg gave us all the tools we needed to live an amazing experience in Germany. – 27052 NCdt Chrystelle Cloutier