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Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Lacking a Film Studies or Cultural Studies program at RMCC, most courses in English fill the gap and critically interrogate film/cinema/television to teach students about non-literary artistic and cultural forms that influence the Western (and often uniquely Canadian) imagination.

Student participants are exposed to the core themes analyses of the digital revolution, global communication, cross-cultural contact, class conflict, climate change, gender and sexuality, and more.  Students learn to critically assess the social and cultural themes bound up in one of the dominate forms of communication in the modern era. Officer Cadets will work in small teams to assess and deconstruct the screenings they are assigned to view with an eye to performing cultural critiques of both content and technique.

The annual cost of this trip is $1800 and provides a high impact, low budget experience in a local setting for the Officer Cadets.  With your continued support we can fund this type of activity for the Officer Cadets of the Royal Military Colleges.

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, and I can confidently say that my peers felt the same way. Since most of the media we consume these days seems to come from American sources, it was refreshing to be able to gain perspective on Canadian issues and to see Canadian culture in the cinematic medium. My favourite aspect of the festival, however, was being able to discuss the films with other Officer Cadets and to see what their opinions were on the style, acting, political messages, and so forth. I think attending the KCFF is a worthwhile experience for all Officer Cadets, whether they consider themselves film fans or not, and every cadet should try to go at least once during their time at RMC.  – 27456 OCdt Cameron Walker

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