RMC Parents

Welcome to the RMC Family!

We are so excited to help you navigate the next four years of your child’s future.

We, at the RMC Foundation, work solely to provide your son or daughter with the best possible education, experiences, athletic and leadership opportunities we can to ensure we are graduating the best future leaders of our country.

During the next fours years of their education, your son or daughter will participate in athletics,  cultural, academic, and leadership experiences which are not funded by the Department of National Defence budgets.  This is where we come in.  The RMC Foundation provides the funding needed where public budgets cannot.  Experiences like Annual Battlefield Tours to First and Second World War sites, Athletic Travel Funding to showcase our athletes at International Competitions, Internships to high-level senior offices, and funding for leadership and academic conferences are just a few of the things we believe build a better leader.

And how do we do this? We do this with help from parents like you, and ex-cadets from the Colleges who believe in the impact an RMC education has on our students.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can help.

From a RMC Parent:

My husband and I had just returned from a weekend in Kingston last fall where we enjoyed the ex-cadet weekend and obstacle course.  Our youngest son, 25284 Eric Blakie, is currently in his fourth year and will graduate in May 2012.  I am honoured to say that we have 12 consecutive years of “Blakie boys” at the college with our first (22806 Darren Blakie) entering in 2000 and graduating in 2004, our second (23984 Scott Blakie) entering in 2004 and graduating in 2008, and thirdly Eric who entered in 2008.  What an institution!  Our boys have all benefitted in ways immeasurable and I am so thankful that they have had this incredible opportunity. 

My point in this message is twofold; first to say how impressed I always am with the ex-cadets of this esteemed institution.  Secondly as unforgiving as the weather may be sometimes, these men and woman march with great pride and dignity with their fellow classmates.  Their camaraderie is fantastic to observe. 

The generosity of the ex-cadets that have graduated from this College is outstanding and speaks volumes about this great institution.   My husband and I were stunned by the generous donation made to the College in the form of both an art and a monetary donation by ex-cadet H7076 John van Haastrecht Class of 1966.  Wow! 

Both my husband and I were also impressed with the donation, you the RMC Foundation made, to a team of young RMC men and women who used the funds to support the Annual CF Ironman Petawawa Competition.  My husband and I had the opportunity to meet with the team and have dinner with them while in Kingston.  The team had indicated to us how grateful they were for your generosity, and continued support. 

Thank you again to the RMC Foundation and the generous donors it serves.  Thank you for all you do and for what you stand for.  When my son graduates in 2012, amidst joy and tears (after 12 years of enjoying the RMC life), I will pray in thanks to God that this opportunity was given to my sons, and look forward to perhaps seeing them march with great honour as ex-cadets in the years to come.

Mrs. Karen Blakie

Proud RMC Mother of 22806 Darren Blakie (Class of 2004) 23984 Scott Blakie (Class of 2008), and 23984 Eric Blakie (Class of 2012)