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Recreation Club Activities

Currently there are 24 RMC Recreation Clubs which run activities that are planned, executed, and participated in by over 600 Officer Cadets on a voluntary basis. By CAF rule, recreation clubs are required to be self-sufficient; however as Officer Cadets have a much lower salary than other members of the CAF, they are not able to engage in more costly, albeit valuable activities with their clubs.

Last year your support provided funding for the following activities:

  • Curling – Membership for our curling team to enter the Garrison Leagues and Brock bonspiel
  • Sailing – Regatta to USNA
  • Chess Club – CAF championship in St. Jean and NATO championship in Budapest
  • Expedition Club – Ice climbing in Quebec City
  • Taekwondo – Sport Taekwondo Championships
  • Judo Club – Championships in Peel and Coupe de Montreal
  • Multisport Club – Pentathlon des Neiges
  • Astronomy Club – Mt Megantic Observatory
  • Climbing Club- AventureX-Centre d’escalade

With guidance from club supervisors and the Athletic Department staff, Officer Cadets gain experience in all aspects of planning, coordinating, and executing these activities. They will also have a chance to experience competition and events that they are very passionate about and will get to show their skills at levels beyond what they normally will have a chance to do.

This annual request for funding is over $25,000 each year and provides continued support to over 600 Officer Cadets at the Colleges. Call us today to see how you can help provide Officer Cadets with the opportunity to continue to build their leadership and athletic prowess.

Because of the support provided by the RMC Foundation, Officer Cadets are given opportunities to grow and learn throughout the curling season. We learn to work as a team, to encourage each other and how to remain calm in difficult situations. This gives Cadets an environment to learn and strive to be their best. On behalf of the entire club I would like to thank the donors to the RMC Foundation for their contributions.   – OCdt 26968 Mikael Lemieux, RMC Curling Club President.

The opportunity to further our passion for rock climbing and try something outside of our comfort zone was invaluable. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this trip. — OCdt 27116 Ashley Shin.

The RMC Sailing Team attended the Keelboat Promotional Regatta at USNA. RMC raced very well against fierce competition, beating out strong, highly funded, sailing universities such as USNA, Christopher Newport University, US Coast Guard Academy, and SUNY in many races. RMC pulled off 9th place overall, beating out schools such as NC State and St. John’s University, a great feat for the first years gaining experience in higher level collegiate racing not found amongst Canadian universities. The biggest win for RMC, however, was the re-establishment of historic sailing ties with USNA, building a strong foundation for future competitions and training that will further develop the RMC Keelboat Team. – 27411 NCdt Brendan Puddington

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