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RMC Saint-Jean London Paris Trip

Student life at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean is so much different from other universities from across Quebec and Canada. This year again, twelve officer cadets had the opportunity to visit Paris and London as part of a cultural trip during Spring break.

The aim of this cultural trip is to discover the culture of our founding countries and enrich our personal experiences. Cadets had the chance to visit the Louvre museum, having a French breakfast, reviving the flame at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, exploration of the London Underground, watching Big Ben and the London Eye on a small tour boat and also visit the Canadian embassies.

Thanks to a generous sponsorship of over $30,000 through the RMC Foundation by the Corporation Fort Saint-Jean in 2017 the Cadets of RMC Saint-Jean were able to participate in this cultural experience. Your continued support is needed each year in order to fund this annual experience.

The Paris and London trip of 2017 was an invaluable opportunity. Through trips to historical sites, museums and world attractions, we were able to learn about and experience the cultures of Canada’s founding countries. Visits to Les Invalides, the Catacombs, the Pantheon and the Louvre in Paris and the London Tower, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace in London were as unique as one could imagine. Nevertheless, what made the trip different from any other were exclusive visits of Windsor Castle and Sandhurst in London as well as the meetings at both Canada House in London and the Canadian Embassy in Paris.

It is important to note however, that none of the activities mentioned above would have been possible if it were not for the donors to the RMC Foundation especially the Corporation Fort Saint-Jean for their generous sponsorship. Through the donors selfless contributions, all participants of the trip, including myself, were able to form memories, experiences and gain knowledge which is indispensable for a career as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. – 28063 OCdt Di Candia

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