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Robbie Burns

Each year RMC Saint-Jean holds a Robbie Burns Dinner which celebrates the poetry of Scotland’s favourite son and Scottish culture.  This event showcases the importance of culture and heritage to the Officer Cadets as well.

In the depths of winter, this event lifts the morale of cadets, all while answering the objectives of the college to enhance cultural awareness and promote bilingualism.   A contingent of Cadets from the Royal Military College in Kingston eagerly makes the trip to Saint-Jean to participate in this event.

RMC Saint-Jean puts its own unique spin on this tradition by making it bilingual. Burns’ poems are translated into French (and often recited by Anglophones), while Francophones learn the finer and funner points of a Scottish accent. Officer Cadets Bradley Roy and Jeffrey Girard lent their services as MCs, providing commentary for the evening in both official languages.

We already knew of Robbie Burns–even if we didn’t know we did–but now we know him just a little bit better, thanks to the generosity of the RMC Foundation.

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