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Rugby 7’s National Championships

The National Rugby 7’s University Championships are held each spring on Canada’s West Coast. The 2016 version was in Vancouver, the 2017 was in Victoria and most likely to be held there again in 2018.

The National Championships allow the RMC Rugby team to compete on a nationally televised stage against the top teams in the country. In three of the past four years RMC has come away with a trophy, including last year’s Shield championship. The Rugby program uses the tournament to foster a number of positive outcomes including: Hosting an Alumni and families meet and greet the evening prior to the tournament, visiting a number of secondary schools to introduce the opportunities that exists at RMC, as well as a  Professional Development Day for the Officer Cadets on the team including visits to 443 Maritime Helicopter Sqn, HMCS Calgary and Victoria.

This Athletic Travel opportunity currently costs over $20,000 each year. Your support to the Rugby program will ensure this opportunity for the Rugby Program to showcase their skills will not be missed.

This year, members of the Men’s Rugby Team had the opportunity to participate in the National University 7-a-side championships in Victoria, British Columbia. I had the pleasure of participating in this high-profile tournament. One of the highlights of the trip, apart from our solid performance on day one, was the opportunity to train with the Canadian National Team Coach Damien McGrath. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the sport, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. The competition against the other teams was extremely demanding as we played against some excellent rugby players who have been playing for a long time. They were by far the best teams in Canada. On this trip, we also had the chance to visit RMC’s sister college, Royal Roads Military College. (RRMC) The visit to this college was certainly enriching, we were able to learn more about the history of Roads which is misunderstood by most current cadets at RMC. On the same day, we hosted a number of Alumni  at a social, who shared their experiences both as an athlete and as an Officer.  All of us came out of the encounter with much a better understanding of what awaits us in our future careers, and we are grateful for the support of the alumni who were present at all our matches. Redmen, Right arm. – 27453 OCdt Jacob Venne

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