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Summer Universiade

The summer Universiade is the second largest international sporting event outside of the summer Olympics with thousands of university athletes from countries around the world competing every two years. In 2017 the summer Universiade was hosted by Taipei, Taiwan where Taekwondo was one of the official sports competing at the event. Officer Cadet Taekwondo athletes have had the honour to represent RMC, the CAF and Canada at the previous two summer Universiades and three Officer Cadets hope to be selected for the national team again in 2018.

Previously Officer Cadet Athletes that have represented Canada at the summer Universiade have achieved a high level of excellence both at the college itself and in the CAF as a whole. The summer Universiade is the highest level of competition for collegiate students around the world and the opportunity to compete at this level is a huge motivating factor for the members of the RMC Taekwondo program to maintain a high level, not only in physical fitness, but in all of four pillars at the Royal Military College of Canada.

This year a funding amount of over $10,000 is needed in order to support this request. Contact us now to find out more about this opportunity and how you can help.

Taekwondo has been my sport for a number of years. I originally started in 2005, but did not start competing until 2009 by attending provincial championships and local tournaments. When my RMC taekwondo coach, Master Joel Ridley, first mentioned Summer Universiades, I brushed the idea aside thinking that I would never be capable of achieving such a high performance level. Little did I know that in the following months, I would be given the opportunity to compete against world-class taekwondo athletes in the 2015 Summer Universiade. None of this would have been possible if it were not for the generous support and donation by the RMC Foundation. – NCdt 26995 Ann Lee

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