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Ways to Give

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  1. Unrestricted Giving:
    Annual unrestricted giving allows the Commandants to direct donations to the most immediate and important “Opportunities to Enhance Excellence” programs. Please refer to our Benefactor Giving Program under Donor Recognition Programs.
  2. Restricted Giving:
    Our restricted Funds allow donors to donate directly to projects that have been approved by the RMC Foundation and the Commandants of the Royal Military Colleges. Restricted giving can also include Class funds, or Class Endowments.
  3. Class Giving:
    Class Reunion Campaigns are milestones – occasions for Ex-cadets to commemorate their place in RMC’s history, reflect on what RMC has meant to them, and renew their ties. Reunion celebrations are also a time when classes focus their fundraising efforts to increase giving in support of their Class Gift.
  4. Bequests:
    Giving by way of a bequest allow donors to have full use of their money throughout their lifetime, but can dedicate a portion of it in support of a cause they strongly believe in after they are gone. Please refer to The 1876 Planned Giving Society under Donor Recognition Programs.
  5. Life Insurance:
    This is one of the easiest ways to make a planned gift and receive a current tax deduction.
  6. Appreciated Securities:
    Tax rules now allow you to donate appreciated shares (and other publicly listed securities) for a full tax receipt and at the same time minimize your taxable capital gains.
  7. Trusts:
    Some people wish to benefit a charity through their will, but feel they must provide for others first. A charitable remainder trust can help achieve both of these objectives.
  8. Gift Matching:
    Many companies encourage their employees to give to charities through Matching Gift Programs. Some programs include matching donations made by current or retired employees, while others extend their programs to include matching the donations made by spouses, or widow(er)s. HERE is a partial list of known companies who have a gift matching program.
  9. In Memoriam:
    Honour deceased alumni and friends by making a gift in their name. The Book of Remembrance records these In Memoriam Gifts with the name of the donor recorded as in the example.
  10. Commemorative Stones:
    These large 12.5″ x 8″ stones are made of granite and will have your College No., Surname and Initials, Colleges attended, and year of graduation inscribed in them.
  11. Cross Border Gifts:
    A U. S. Donor may claim an income tax deduction for gifts given to a registered Canadian Charity. A gift to a Canadian university or college is fully deductible, subject to the normal donation ceiling, provided that the U.S. donor or a family member attended the educational institution.
  12. The 1876 Society:
    The 1876 Society recognizes those who have included RMC in their estate planning by means of leaving a “Planned Gift” to the RMC Foundation, and have documented their intentions with the Foundation.

If you have any questions on ways to give to the RMC Foundation please contact Jennifer Jordan at 613-541-6000 ext 6807, or via email at

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