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How You Wish Your Donation to be Used

The RMC Foundation is responsive and accountable to its donors. The Foundation has a responsibility to its donors to ensure that the funds donated are applied in accordance with the donors’ wishes, are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible, and are managed and invested prudently. When making your donations you may wish to consider the following information.

Help the Colleges by satisfying the most immediate priorities.

  • Unrestricted donations allow the Commandants to direct such monies toward those needs he feels most important and pressing.
  • Unrestricted donations allow the RMC Foundation to direct such monies toward short-term important needs (i.e. in the current academic year) and already identified as such by the Colleges in their planning process.
    • Help the Colleges by directing your donations to identified priority short-term needs (including programs and capital projects).

      • Donors may wish to direct their donations toward a specific priority program focused on Enhancing Excellence. For example, this could include any one of the four key College components; Academics, Athletics, Leadership & Military Training, and Enhanced Language Training. Donations could be directed even more specifically to include such things as sports / rugby or military training / band, or academics / battlefield tour, etc. Note: It is strongly recommended that donors do not become too specific in how they wish to direct their monies as this reduces flexibility and may not allow the Colleges to satisfy its most immediate and pressing needs.
      • Donors may wish to direct their donations toward an identified and approved capital project. For example, the Birchall Pavilion was partially the result of our generous donors directing their monies accordingly. The RMC Foundation will establish a specific Fund for such capital projects and ensure they are communicated effectively with our donors. Another excellent initiative is “Wurtele – The Number 1 Fund” whereby an endowment is being established to maintain the Memorial Arch and its surrounding area.

      Help the Colleges by directing your donations to your Class Fund.

      • One of the most common ways to donate is to a Class Fund with the aim of contributing to an important ongoing program or to a capital project as identified by the Colleges.
      • Class Funds can initially be placed in an Accumulated Fund, which offers a perfect fundraising strategy over many years and in advance to entering the Old Brigade. A Class can also establish an Endowment (once a clear purpose has been identified), whereby the interest earned each year on the Fund is directed in support of ongoing priority programs (e.g., Sandhurst Military Team, Battlefield Tours, UN Model Competition, etc) or a long-term capital project such as the Birchall Pavilion – which has now been successfully completed.
      • Note: We encourage Classes to begin their Fundraising campaigns as soon as possible after graduation thereby allowing contributions over a long period of time and during the best earning years. This also reduces the stress of coordinating a major fundraising campaign only a few years prior to entering the Old Brigade.