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West Point Negotiation Project Workshop

Since 2010 the West Point Negotiation Project (WPNP) has held an annual military negotiation workshop for Cadets and Officers to help develop necessary skills and methods for negotiating effectively both in and out of military operations. The workshop brings together a number of participants including West Point Cadets, U.S. Army officers, and FBI agents. In addition, visiting cadets come from the U.S. Naval Academy, Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), and ROTC programs at Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cornell, St. Bonaventure, and Texas A&M. The workshop provides Cadets with an opportunity to learn the importance of leader competency, the framework for systematic analysis in negotiation situations, and a chance to practice negotiating in a series of role-playing exercises.

The second portion of the workshop provides a chance to put these newly taught skills into practical negotiation scenarios. The conference teaches Cadets to recognize the broad range of human interactions which constitute negotiations and takes a systematic approach to analysis of those situations.  Military leaders at all levels negotiate, even if usually not explicitly.  The war in Afghanistan demonstrated that leaders operating on the stability end of the spectrum of conflicts waging counterinsurgency, in those cases – must be able to negotiate effectively. We do it every day, whether deployed or at home station, even within our own organization.

With your support of only $1500 we can continue to send Officer Cadets to this conference to ensure we help build the negotiation skills to better prepare Officer Cadets for the challenges that lay ahead in their Military Careers.

Thanks to the generosity of the donors to the RMC Foundation, this workshop has taught me how to effectively identify and handle conflicts from a negotiation standpoint. I had the chance to hear multiple guest speakers and experts in negotiation discuss its importance and relevance in both civilian and military life. Hearing real life stories from the Green Berets, U.S. Army Generals, and FBI agents, who helped negotiate to get Captain Phillips back from Somali pirates, has given me the rare opportunity to understand just how important and necessary negotiating can be to our careers in the military.  – 26274 OCdt Michael Wolscht